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Parish of Saint Cedd, Goodmayes

Parish News

As you will know, from the 4th of July 2020 we will be able to open our church for public worship. However, it is important that we follow a number of new rules so as to prevent the spread of the virus.

During the current pandemic, our Mass times will be as follows:

Monday – Saturday: 9.00am

(church will open at 8.30 and close after Mass)

Sunday: 9.30am, 11.00am and 6.30pm

(church will open half hour before Mass and close after to allow for cleaning)


Saturday: 9.30am until the last person waiting in the church

(Confession will take place in the chapel of Our Lady)

Stewards & Helpers:

The news about opening the church for public worship was welcomed with great joy.

However, keeping of our church open for public worship depends upon a number of key volunteers who can act as stewards to help guide people appropriately and also a number of people willing to clean and sanitise areas while the church is in use. We will only be able to keep our church open if we have enough people to manage all the relevant functions.

If you feel that you are able to give some time both during the week and at weekends to help with this work please send an email marked ‘Volunteer’ to: goodmayes@dioceseofbrentwood.org

Arriving at Church:

You will notice a number of changes so please take your time and follow the guidance from our Stewards.

1. Entrance to the church will only be via the front door.

2. Use the hand sanitiser on entry and exit.

3. It is obligatory to wear a face covering when in the church.

4. For only those with limited mobility, entrance and exit will be via the chapel.

6. The maximum capacity for the church is 130 (70 main church & 60 gallery). We will only use the gallery if the church is reaching capacity.

7. Please make sure that wherever possible you sit in your family group and leave a space at the end of the row. This will ensure that you are not near to people passing in the aisles.

8. Leaving the church will be directed by the Stewards and will be from the rear rows first.

9. At all times make sure that you keep a safe distance from those around you.

10. Be in good time as late comers may not be admitted.

11. If you don’t feel well stay at home, please.

Holy Communion:

Holy Communion will be distributed only under one kind (i.e. the Host).

It is vital that you follow the guidance of the Stewards who will direct you row by row.  Please do not try to form a queue in the aisles as this will bring you into closer contact with others. You will be directed back to your seat and this will be via another route - so again, please follow the directions given.

When approaching the Priest or Minister for Communion, make sure that you stand on the place marked and fully extend your hands. You will only be able to receive Holy Communion on the hand. When you receive Holy Communion do not say ‘Amen’ aloud.

Reconciliation (Confessions):

Our confessionals will be out of use for the foreseeable future. However, confessions can still be heard in the chapel where we have made special arrangements. There are no seats in the chapel and you are asked to stand on the place marked and face towards the door.


During the current crisis we will not take any offertory collections during Mass. This will be possible while leaving the church using either baskets provided or donation boxes located on the sides of the confessionals. You may also donate via online link:


Due to social distancing there will not be any altar servers until further notice.

Readers (daily, Sunday) will be seating at the side bench behind the organ.

There will not be any singing during Mass.


We have been working hard to make our church as safe as possible. However, this will only be achieved with your cooperation. Please follow the guidance given by our Stewards and remember that the situation can change very quickly. In this case we will need to revise our rules and if instructed, may once again have to close the church.

For the latest times of Masses you are advised to check the website or church notice board.

Please remember to take anything you bring home with you and do not leave any litter in the church.