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Mass Intentions

Sixth Sunday of Easter (B),

9th May

   9.30am – Mary Cox & Pat Maguire RIP

  11.00am – People of the Parish

   6.30pm – Halina Buksa RIP

Monday 10th May

  10.00am – Dominic Feely RIP

  10.00am – Lena Denys RIP

Tuesday 11th May

   10.00am – Felix Ojimba (RIP / Anniversary)

   10.00am – People of the Parish

Wednesday 12th May

St John Houghton Pr. M.

  10.00am – Marta Mary (Thanksgiving)

Thursday 13th May

The Ascension of the Lord

  10.00am – McDermott Family (Thanksgiving)

Friday 14th May

St Matthew Ap.

   10.00am – David & Nancy Mendes RIP

   10.00am – For Vocations

Saturday 15th May

   10.00am – Jackie Byrne (Birthday)

   10.00am – Veronica Elizee (RIP / Anniversary)

Seventh Sunday of Easter (B),

16th May

   9.30am – Malgorzata Heins RIP

  11.00am – Macias Shalom Dourado

                                                      (Birthday / Thanksgiving)

   6.30pm – Joan Bridget Crowe (RIP / 3rd Anniversary)


If you would like to book a Mass Intention contact the Parish Office, use the Mass Offering envelopes placed in the porch or see one of the priests after the Mass.