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Mass Intentions

Third Sunday

in Ordinary Time (C)

23rd January

   9.30am – Gabriela Antoinette Taden

                                                         Alvares (Special Intention)

  11.00am – Grace Carr (Special Intention)

   6.30pm – Mary Agnes Kelly (RIP / Anniversary)

Monday 24th January

St Francis de Sales

     10.00am – Philomena Owegbe RIP

     10.00am – Elizabeth (Elsie) Cheeld RIP

Tuesday 25th January

The Conversion of St Paul

    10.00am – Sister Monica Wyard D.J. RIP

    10.00am – Barbara Hunter (Special Intention)

Wednesday 26th January

Ss Timothy & Titus

    10.00am – Mary Gaffney

    10.00am – David Mackie (Special Intention)

Thursday 27th January

    10.00am – Frank Daly (Anniversary)

Friday 28th January

St Thomas Aquinas

    10.00am – Antony Peter Malar (Anniversary)

    10.00am – Philomena Owegbe RIP

Saturday 29th January

     10.00am – Philomena Owegbe RIP

     10.00am – Mary Mogec

Fourth Sunday

in Ordinary Time (C)

30th January

   9.30am – Special Intention

  11.00am – Catherine King, Nora Murphy

                                                                (RIP / Anniversary)

   6.30pm – Stephen Michael Weaver (RIP / Anniversary)


If you would like to book a Mass Intention contact the Parish Office, use the Mass Offering envelopes placed in the porch or see one of the priests after the Mass.