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Mass Intentions

Second Sunday of Lent (B),

28th February

   9.30am – Bronislaw & Michalina Heins RIP

  11.00am – Deceased Members of Rafferty & McCann Families

  11.00am – Marie Quigley (SI / Sick)

   6.30pm – Carey Family (Special Intention)

Monday 1st March

St David

  10.00am – Stellamaris (Birthday / Thanksgiving)

  10.00am – Sarah Parkes (SI)

Tuesday 2nd March

    9.00am – Claudette Blackmann & Family (SI)

    9.00am – Shirley Petite (Thanksgiving)

  10.00am – Funeral Mass

Wednesday 3rd March

  10.00am – Danielle Loblack (SI)

  10.00am – Aleksander Pabis RIP

Thursday 4th March

  10.00am – Mrs & Mr Santhiapillai,

                                         Theresa, Mr George Reginold RIP

  10.00am – David McCarron (Anniversary / RIP)

Friday 5th March

  10.00am – Sarh Parkes (SI)

  10.00am – John & Bridget Herbert RIP

Saturday 6th March

  10.00am – Kate Tomasso (Anniv.)

  10.00am – Ray Parkes RIP

Third Sunday of Lent (B),

7th March

   9.30am – Osearentin Odia (Birthday / Thanksgiving)

  11.00am – Holy Souls

   6.30pm – Carey Family (Special Intention)