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Mass Intentions

25th Sunday of the Year

22nd September


 9.30am - Elizabeth Tang RIP

11.00am - People of the Parish

 6.30pm - Rynn Family (Anniv.)

Monday 23rd September

St. Pius Pietrelcina

10.00am - Lidwin Mundin (Anniv.)

Tuesday 24th September

Our Ladu of Walsingham

10.00am - Paskin & Pedro Soaz RIP

7.30pm - Marion McCullagh (SI)

Wednesday 25th September

10.00am - Mary Rose Alexander (SI)

Thursday 26th September

10.00am - Moira Doherty RIP

Friday 27th September

St. Vincent de Paul

9.00am - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

10.00am - Concepta Nazareth RIP

7.30pm - Sebastiao Dourado (Birthday / Thanksgiving)

Saturday 28th September

 10.00am - Inacio, Clarina & Sabina Fernandes (Anniv.)

26th Sunday of the Year

29th September


 9.30am - Jim Moran (Anniv.)

11.00am - People of the Parish

 6.30pm - Michael Celejewski RIP

Parish of Saint Cedd, Goodmayes