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Mass Intentions

1st Sunday of  Lent

1st March


 9.30am - Patricia Cunningham RIP

11.00am - Stellamaris (Birthday / Thanksgiving)

 6.30pm - All former deceased members of McCurtain’s Club

Monday 2nd March

10.00am - Thanksgiving (Mary)

10.00am - Marianne Davison (Anniv.)

Tuesday 3rd March

10.00am - Fr Gregory Moore RIP

7.30pm - Mabel Odia RIP

Wednesday 4th March

10.00am - Susan Vanni RIP

7.30pm - CAFE (Main Hall)

Thursday 5th March

9.30am - Albin Soares (Anniv.)

Friday 6th March

  9.00am - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

10.00am - Kathleen McCann RIP

7.30pm - Station of the Cross (St Paul’s, Barley Lane)

Saturday 7th March

10.00am - Osarentin Odia (Birthday / Thanksgiving)

2nd Sunday of Lent

8th March


 9.30am - Joseph Odia RIP

11.00am - Bryxzel Galeon & Conception Lion (Anniv.)

 6.30pm - People of the Parish

Parish of Saint Cedd, Goodmayes